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Anybody home?

No I don't know where this is. We donned blindfolds and followed the metro leprechauns. GTFO.
Air33 {空気33} - 9 years ago
i hope this isn't what I think this is :D
dsankt - 9 years ago
Trains still pass on the adjacent line but they don't have people in 'em.
s/// - 9 years ago
lol, yeah those Metrochauns are pretty sneaky fuckers
T>F - 8 years ago
what the fuck ?! it was painted in another dead tunnel right ? and for some reason moved thru this station (?) details plz!
T>F - 8 years ago
nuthing is that secret in paris
dsankt - 8 years ago
lol details plz.
Air33 {空気33} - 8 years ago
could someone PM me, I'd like to live vicariously through metro adventures. I must say this station is dope. I like the ceramic ads I saw on x's and prid's site.
T>F - 8 years ago
ok no detailz.. nice find
dsankt - 8 years ago
Passed by recently, the train pictured is gone.
Scott Cadman - 8 years ago
Whole train.. Nice graff. -- See n on your photo stream. (?)

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