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Main Control

Main control tower of Base 3, south east of Ulaanbaatar.
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Nice. I was wondering what opportunities lie out here, as I hope to make it here this year or next on the chuffer from Moscova. Should of known you'd have been here. Ulaan Baatar must be crawling with urbex possibilities.


There's a lot of possibilites out there yeah, but also a lot of empty nothingness. It's also worth noting that much like eastern europe, many building which we would see and think abandoned, are actually occupied. I remember seeing factories in Poland which look totally derelict from one angle, are in fact fully operational when you walk around the other side. Also, in the regions we saw outside of Ulaan Baatar every single item with any scrap value was gone. All the building we saw (which hadn't been reinhabited) had been totally stripped. It's absoluetly worth the trip though, get a motor/bike and ride into the sunset in search of the unknown.


Sounds a bit like India, and I guess & most poorer countries, although Romania had loads in the late 90s. I'd love to cycle/motorbike around that area (so jealous of Obi Wan Kenobi's 'Long Way Round') but it's that old bitch time. I'm going to Trans Mong it to Beijing and do a week in North Korea. I would love love love to do the Ryugyong Hotel, but they watch you like hawk's in NK.