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Raccord tunnel where one can find access to the voie des finances.
BigLoada - 8 years ago
This is class. Excellent set of pics.
Scott Cadman - 8 years ago
Very good shot, great colours. If you guys were writers, you'd be sure to get into all the deepest of tunnels and yards. -- Seen on your photo stream. (?)
whatdoesthisbuttondo - 8 years ago
I love the subdues hues. Are all their trains straight sided, as opposed to round trains for round holes??!!
dsankt - 8 years ago
The round holes are all big enough a square train sits, so no hole shape confusion is anywhere to the found. A lot of the tunnels are straight-sided anyway.
FlickedUp - 8 years ago
This almost looks minature, the green glow is sensational.
Alberto one - 8 years ago

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