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Silver Sliver

Far above the busy streets which sleep not a wink, some are slinking there way skyward towards the summit of a manmade spire. It's high, it's fun and someone had to break the 5 year, pre Sept 11 drought. Manhattan baby, the big M.
st00p - 1 decade ago
You sure that didn't look better in colour????
dsankt - 1 decade ago
We've covered this already, the colour is naaaaaaaasty. There are no whitebalance settings which can resurrect it. I'll dump it online somewhere in the next couple of days and link it here.
st00p - 1 decade ago
I thought u shot everything raw???? Oh for some 64t!!!
dsankt - 1 decade ago
I do have the raw, I'm just saying in post there was no white balance which looked any good.
durgin - 1 decade ago
oooh harsh words Doko! Stoop, youd better step korrekt son cause Dokos a bad arse ninja with unorthodox stylz that would score 10,000 points on your pikachu tekneeks mmmmmmmmm¨64t .......... I think the bnw (no and sign on czech keybizzle) looks sweet and its a nice change in dspankters portfolio of cityscapes :)
dsankt - 1 decade ago
Word to that! If you have 4,000 points, I have 10,000 point! Kung Fu Cult Maaaaaaaaaaaster booooooooooooi.
beast - 1 decade ago
so what was wrong the whe wb of the previous exposure???
dsankt - 1 decade ago
Nothing was wrong with it, just the colours of the bridge and the city and the sky didn't balance very well. Turned into a mash of nastiness, much like putting a hooker through a meat grinder.
Bank - 1 decade ago
Putting a hooker through a meat grinder... I'm sure theres a song in that somewhere. Anyway - I'm down with the B&W - awesome work
metroknome - 1 decade ago
swoit photizzzzzz. if you wanna shoot me a raw ill funk around with it and see what I can produce... then i will totally claim the shot as mine, sell it worldwide, and use the profits to take down the ninjas.
dsankt - 1 decade ago
Hmmm, nope.
Dr. Pepper - 1 decade ago
What was the wind like up there? white balance or not, be it a blander{not colourful} photo or not, this wierdo finds shit and does shit on it and takes photos. If I could climb a bridge, I think I'd take a photo. Cleary theres something called lack of motivation. {Hey I think I'll climb a bridge, nah, too hot, nah too much arm lifting, nah, too cold. I'll make any exucse} cool bridge climb, I like the width. I reckon it'd be cool to see this kinda thing in widescreen portrait.
steve - 1 decade ago
dude dsankt you are a picky motherfucker... i saw the raw and i'd say there's no white balance in which it DOESN'T look good. it's a sick shot, in color or B&W.... though to be honest i liked the color better... really i think the color is more honest, because NYC at 4am with jersey smog in the background IS like a hooker that's been through a meat grinder: raw, disgusting, used and abused, a bit of a turnoff but, on the bright side, lying there wide open unresisting and just waiting to be ravished for any man with a strong enough stomach.
dsankt - 1 decade ago
Hahaha you crack me up. I'll rejigger the raw to jpg and upload so peeps quitz0r asking.
fRANK - 1 decade ago
tHIS IS a BiT Gud LaaaaaaDz
jj.d - 1 decade ago
da shit, perfect
nite_ryda - 1 decade ago
where did you buy your jetpacks yo?
dsankt - 1 decade ago
Acme of course, they have the Roger Wilco space janitor rubber stamp of approval.
snaptastic - 1 decade ago
The end of steve's last comment has left me scarred. Anyway - the photo... shit hot, but interesting what you said about the WB. I did a bridge, and no matter what, I can't make the colour photos look any good. Shot in RAW, but they just won't work. I need to visit NYC. BYW dsankt, I have MSN now, I'll add you on.
Rachael111 - 6 years ago
I have MSN now, I'll add you on.
Agnes - 6 years ago
I need to visit NYC
tommy - 5 years ago
wow what a city view :-)
Sum - 5 years ago
this is a great photo, love it
wlzine - 5 years ago
I love the photo, what is the green image that's floating in the left upper corner?
weightland - 5 years ago
i like it great pic
Gaurav - 5 years ago
I would like to vist NYC
Gaurav Raghav - 5 years ago
New york is a heaven city
Sarkari Naukri - 5 years ago
I loved the photo , NY is a panoramic view

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